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Since its foundation, BIOS has established itself as a technology development partner for Austrian as well as international commercial and industrial companies. In addition, BIOS implements self-financed technology development projects in order to pave the ground for technological innovations.

Due to the high level of education and experience of our employees, our own lab facilities with comprehensive measurement and analyses equipment as well as co-operations with research institutions and universities, optimal basic constraints for the development of new and innovative technologies are given.

BIOS has set itself the objective of always being at least one step ahead of the competition in terms of new technological and Know-How development - this has been successfully achieved so far and is reflected in the many R&D highlights of BIOS.

Research in the field of energetic biomass utilisation as well as the development of new innovative technologies are among the core competences of BIOS. For its customers, BIOS is a one-stop shop for research and development work. For example, the activities of BIOS include not only the technological R&D work, but also, at the customer's request, accompanying administrative activities.

The R&D work concerns the development of new technologies as well as the further development and optimization of existing systems.

Fields of activity

The work of BIOS in the R&D sector is focuses on the following areas:

  • Fuel characterization and fuel-specific technology development
  • Industrial biomass combustion plants
  • Small-scale biomass boilers and stoves
  • Biomass gasification technologies
  • Biomass pyrolysis technologies
  • Biorefineries based on biomass pyrolysis
  • Emissions reduction by primary and secondary measures
  • Process control development
  • Biomass-based combined heat and power generation technologies
  • Ash-related problems in biomass combustion plants
  • Implementation and evaluation of test runs
  • Preparation and attendance of type tests



BIOS performs research for the following clients / customers

  • Manufacturers of small-scale biomass boilers and stoves
  • Manufacturers of industrial biomass combustion plants
  • Manufacturers of biomass CHP technologies
  • Manufacturers of biomass gasification and pyrolysis plants
  • Manufacturers of flue gas cleaning systems
  • Plant operators and utilities
  • Municipalities, public authorities

Scope and services

The scope and services of BIOS regarding technology development cover the R&D work itself as well as administration and funding related issues

R&D work

  • Technology development based on computer-aided methods
    BIOS has a wide range of commercial and self-developed simulation programs available, which are applied as relevant tools for technology development.
  • Technology development based on experimental research
    BIOS has the necessary measurement devices and analytical equipment as well as a well-equipped testing facility for the performance of test stand tests.
  • Operating data analysis and operating data monitoring
    Especially for the further development and optimisation of existing technologies, BIOS applies process data monitoring and evaluation as well as targeted test runs at the plants with accompanying measurements and analyses in order to obtain basic data for weak point analyses as a basis for technology optimisation.

R&D project management

  • Development of the project idea together with the customer towards a project concept (project sketch)
  • Support in the search for suitable co-operation partners
  • Development of a concrete work plan based on the project sketch including the definition of objectives, work package structures and milestone planning
  • Project cost planning
  • Search regarding suitable national and/or international funding oportunities
  • Support regarding project applications for funding
  • Project coordination (optional)
  • Communication with funding bodies (optional)
  • Reporting to funding bodies (optional)

Know-how and resources

Technology development at BIOS is based on

  • specific know-how concerning energetic biomass utilisation based on long-term experience and continuous basic R&D work
  • considerable practical experience regarding plant operation gained from test runs and long-term plant operation monitoring
  • well educated, experienced and competent specialists
  • high quality analytical and measurement equipment for the performance of experimental development and evaluation work
  • modern simulation tools (e.g. comprehensive CFD simulation routines, software and databases for high-temperature multi-phase equilibrium calculations for ash forming species)
  • in-house developed expert codes (e.g. for the simulation of thermal biomass conversion processes, for the simulation of aerosol and deposit formation in biomass conversion processes)
  • in-house developed databases concerning chemical and physical properties of biomass fuels, ashes, dusts, deposits and condensates