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BIOS BIOENERGIESYSTEME GmbH is active in research, development, planning and optimisation of processes and plants designed to generate heat, cold and power (based on biomass combustion, gasification and pyrolysis), of processes for biomass treatment (pelletising, torrefaction, biochar production) as well as with energy technology solutions for industry and waste heat recovery.

Another special competence of BIOS is the CFD simulation of biomass combustion, gasification and pyrolysis processes for a targeted and efficient development of new technologies as well as for optimisation and refurbishment of existing plants. CFD simulations are used practically in all technology developments and improve the understanding of the expiring processes and of relevant influencing variables.

Since October 2015, BIOS has moved into its new centre of innovation, which has about 800 m2 of office space and about 400 m2 of testing facilities and laboratory space, what offers a very good infrastructure for research and development work.

The comprehensive research and development activities in close cooperation with national and international partners and an own measuring and chemical analysis department distinguish BIOS in particular and allows its clients to benefit from the latest know-how and developments.

The BIOS team of engineers has many years of comprehensive experience in its fields of activity and can refer to a wide range of project implementations and successful developments.

The experience gained in projects that have already been implemented, as well as detailed knowledge in the planning and design of energy systems guarantee that solutions provided by BIOS are at the cutting edge of technology and meet the highest standards of cost effectiveness and environmental compatibility.